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Managers too requires dialoque

It is often lonely on top of a company. Even a successful manager may sometimes have his doubts.


Continue is acting as the sparring partner for the company's founder, manager or board. By providing know-how or advise or by handling specific tasks and exploiting our contact net we may contribute to ensuring professionalism at a high level.


Continue is attached to several companies/organisations - typically as a member of the management of the board of directors.


The need for individual sparring is growing in an environment where rapid change is part of daily life, and a confidential dialogue may be wholesome for one's soul. Often it may focus on specific challenges or projects in the company. We take pride in providing results that are seen and felt - each time.




To achieve succes it can occasionally be an advantage to buy support.

Continue A/S makes a difference.



Continue A/S Management & Investment ˇ Amigovej 7 ˇ 6710 Esbjerg  ˇ E-mail: info@continue.dk ˇTlf.: 76131313 ˇ Fax: 76131302